Development Facilitation


  • Facilitating development processes that typically occur on farms
  • Facilitating and/or co-ordinating the public participation of advice offices and unions in campaigns and conferences


  • To ensure development processes on farms are participatory and democratic and gender inclusive
  • To ensure 'the interest of farm workers are protected and promoted in the development process
  • To build capacity of farm workers and their organisations to participate meaningfully and drive development processes that affect them


  • Facilitating meetings and/or process facilitation; providing information and advice; mediating conflict; building consensus; source training and support services around the following areas:
    • Employment equity plans for farmers and farm workers;
    • Long term tenure security options for farm workers;
    • Share equity schemes
    • Negotiations around labour codes on farms
    • Meeting with unions and advice office to give information and assisting to prepare input around for example:
    • A minimum wage campaign in Agriculture,
    • Conferences,
    • Participating in setting up a consultative forum to engage with the Ethical Trade Initiative
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