Information Dissemination


Information on legislation and policies related to the agricultural labour and land sector, such as:

  • The Extension of Security of Tenure Act (ESTA),
  • The Basic Condition of Employment Act (BCEA),
  • The Labour Relations Act (LRA),
  • The Employment Equity Act(EEA),
  • The Skills Development Act (SDA)
  • Minimum wages and sectoral determinations in agriculture,
  • Labour codes as determined by agricultural export bodies etc.


  • To provide information to key role players on the range of land and labour legislation and policy issues that pertain to the agricultural sector
  • To provide a forum where workers from different areas, NGOs and advice offices can discuss common problems and strategies around agricultural labour issues
  • To raise public awareness of the plight of farm workers
  • To build a broad support base for the promotion of farm workers' rights


  • Information gathering
  • Workshops for workers, advice offices and NGOs
  • Women farm workers are specifically targeted
  • Seminars for farmers, and interested public
  • Publications:
    • briefing papers for farmers, unions and advice offices and other NGOs on new
    • legislation in English and Afrikaans
    • popularised versions for farm workers and farmers (Xhosa, Afrikaans);
    • media developed for women farm workers, in particular o research reports (English);
    • popular mass media reports (Xhosa, Afrikaans);
  • Innovative distribution methods for information material: using churches, farm schools, mobile clinics, social workers, other NGOs and unions.
  • Mass media TV and radio interviews and publicity, opinion pieces in the daily newspapers, journal articles in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa
  • Internet
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