Legal Services


  • Legal advice and support services to farm workers on labour issues, working and living conditions, land tenure, evictions
  • Specialised legal advice to advice offices and unions
  • Monitoring government's implementation of labour legislation and policies
  • Monitoring Labour court hearings and Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) hearings


  • To ensure that men and women farm workers have access to the justice system
  • To ensure men and women farm workers are adequately represented in legal processes


  • Case by case attention and advice - telephonically, visits to farms and advice offices, meetings with groups of workers if more than one person is involved.
  • Facilitating access to litigation services for farm workers, and organisations;
  • In medium term to establish a law clinic to provide litigation services ourselves
  • Mediation between farm workers and farmers;
  • Preparing worker committees for negotiations with farmers
  • Capture all cases on database that can be examined to establish trends
  • Independent documentation of labour court hearings and CCMA hearing
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