• Research underpins other CRLS programme work such as development facilitation, advocacy and training and information dissemination programmes
  • Research has a land, gender and agricultural labour focus as related to CRLS' thematic areas and public information needs.
  • Examples of existing and potential research initiatives:
    • Examining gender issues in the agricultural sector
    • Documenting pilot projects and best practices
    • Assessing farm workers' access to resources and identifying blockages in delivering systems
    • Assessing the effects of globalization on agricultural sector,
    • Assessing labour trends,
    • Assessing compliance with legislation
    • Appropriate housing and long term tenure options for farm workers.


  • To provides strategic thrust for other CRLS programmes


  • Different methods ranging from action research, PRA, qualitative and quantitative methodologies depending on what is most appropriate.
  • Research can also be contracted out if specific expertise is needed
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